That Little Italian Place Opens Softly in Strange Location, But to Fabulous Reviews

by Placerville Newswire / Jul 24, 2017 / comments

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New, but not so new!  Recently we saw Poor Red's BBQ & Bar saved by an experienced restaurateur and brought back to life under the excellent care of Executive Chef Steve Adderley.  Now we are seeing another successful restaurant opening a food spot in an old closed building, but this time in an old gas station!

Like many things in El Dorado County, what you get is much more than you would expect by what you see...

For us old-timers we recognize "Guttenburger's Corner" as the home of the First Pharmacy in the county that was the enclosed front porch of old Dr. Guttenburger's home at the intersection of Pleasant Valley road and Bucks Bar road.  Across from the old home is a a former Livestock Feed store turned into convenience store and an old gas station that only the oldest old-timers can remember being open.  But closed it is No more!  After extensive renovations including an outdoor eating area, the old bones of the gas station have new life.

And what you get is a whole lot more than you would expect from the quaintly re-purposed look.

The "Little Italian Place is new, but not so much...  

The owners of The Place in Roseville opened a new location in Placerville. The business, called The Little Italian Place, will fill about 1,200 square feet at 2530 Pleasant Valley Road.
After building a following in downtown Roseville, "The Place" opened on Vernon Street nearly five years ago. Now the locally owned Italian restaurant is expanding with "That Little Italian Place."  That's significantly smaller than the original restaurant, which is about 2,800 square feet. .

"Placerville was a good choice for a second location for a variety of reasons" said chef Michael McDermott. He and his wife, Amber, own the businesses.

Pizza will be among the main menu offerings at The Little Italian Place, which could officially "Hard" open by Nov. 1.

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating" as the old sayin goes.  That means this is all just foreplay to eating the food! Well, we now know... it is fit to eat!

Last week many South county commuters saw the lights come on at The Little Place, where the usual red-tape delays were played out with on-again, off-again remodeling efforts.  And those that belong to a local facebook group related to the Somerset area, got first-hand reviews, from friends sharing with friends, not professional food critic types.  No, the people we live with and if they give us a bad steer, well they will hear about forevermore, because that is how we roll in South County.

Not since Poor Red's opened have we seen such love from the eating public...

On July 20 Amber Woodworth made a post on facebook with pictures of the new business during a first "Soft" opening day.  That post soon "Blew Up" with comments of satisfied local eaters.

Amber wrote: "That Little Italian Place has finally gotten to pull that open sign string!!!! Soft opening happening now!"

And the public responded...


Jerrilynn Willis: "Will they be open for dinner this evening? I was just thinking that I don't feel like cooking but wanted to try some place new."

Amber Woodworth:" Yes we will!"

Jerrilynn Willis: "We have been looking forward to your opening. See you tonight! (you also just saved me from having to cook LOL).


Toni Hord Walker: "Is this at Guttenberger's corner? Will You have food to go also?"

Amber Woodworth: "Our menu isn't online just yet, we are at Guttenbergers corner and we do have to go items!"


Cindy Ramus Johnston: "YAY we've been waiting to try it. Do you serve beer & wine also?"

Amber Woodworth: "Yes we have beer and we are currently open!"


Nicole Robin Hahn: "Grabbed dinner on my way home! It was amazing!!!! Great food,great service."

Cori Olney: "It was so darn good!! The kids and I grabbed takeout. Can't wait to try the pizza...they were out of dough lol I guess we weren't the only ones waiting for the opening."


Daniel Stewart: "Is the chef from New England......wicked early!!!!!! Lol"

Amber Woodworth: "Absolutely born and raised!"


Laura Goodwin: "I tried the smoked mozzarella & mushrooms pizza , very good ! Good people/ service too ☺"


Nathan Ogden: "We just went and ate. AMAZING food, we moved up here about 2 years ago from the bay area and this is by far some of the best Italian food we have had."

Kassy Ogden: "Sooo good! Thank you honey for taking us."


Cori Olney: "What a great place! It's looks great and the food is even better. It's worth the drive for anyone who doesn't live super close. Yum yum."


Joy Avellino Vierra: "I Got a great Sweet Smokey Chicken Panini Sandwich tonight on my way home!"

Joetta Longtin: "How was it Joy?"

Joy Avellino Vierra: "very good. I will go back!"


As soon as word got out the place got busy.  One person noted the long line to order and another came back to take issue as this is a 'Soft' opening to work out the operational bugs before the officiial grand opening.  Both were soon friends again as they agreed that even with the long line to order, the food was well worth the wait.  Long waits are not expected during normal operations, just as an invetable part of opening a new business.


Cindy Ramus Johnston: "We ate here last night....all I can say is FABULOUS!!!!"


Connie Hieb: "Got a pizza, canoli, and a Biscotti last night! It was fantastic! We will be back! Check it out!"



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