2016 Re-Ride from California to Missouri Starts Today

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The National Pony Express Association will be conducting its Annual Re-Ride of the Pony Express Trail from Sacramento, California, to St. Joseph, Missouri, June 15 - 25, 2016. This Re-Ride is a 10-day, 24-hour a day, non-stop event by over 600 riders and horses over the 1,966 mile route of the Pony Express National Historic Trail from California through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas to Missouri. It is the longest event held annually on a historical trail in the nation. The event commemorates the 1860-1861 Central Overland California and Pikes Peak Express Company which carried letters and telegrams for 19 months to prove the Central Route through Salt Lake passable year round. The owners hoped to win a federal mail contract on that route. 

Riders will be carrying Commemorative Letters in a Mochila, Pony Express style. The envelopes show they were carried by the Pony Express and the first class postage has a special US Postal service cancellation and is available for purchase.

Today the spirit and memory of the Pony Express is kept alive by the National Pony Express Association, an all-volunteer, non-profit historical organization for the purpose of identifying, reestablishing and marking the original pony express trail through the eight states it served: California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri.

The Association is active throughout the year and is the chief supporter for the preservation of the Pony Express National Historic Trail. Incorporated in 1978, the National Headquaters are located in Pollock Pines, California.


Pony Express Handoff in Placerville 2016

Pony Express 2016 at Abel's Acres Leg

Pony Express Headed for Tahoe


2016 Re-Ride June 15-16, 2016 for El Dorado County:

1 10:00 AM OLD TOWN SACRAMENTO Sara Miller 1.5 15 
2 10:15 AM DISCOVERY PARK Jeff Babbage 4 35 
3 10:50 AM 1-80 Jason King 3 27 
4 11:17 AM H STREET Don Roden 3.5 32 
5 11:49 AM ESTATES DR Jim Swigart 3.2 29 
6 12:18 PM ROD BEAUDRY Jack Davis 3.5 32 
7 12:50 PM ROSSMOOR Pam Dixon 3 27 
8 1:17 PM SUNRISE Elizabeth Davis 3 26 
9 1:43 PM HAZEL AVE (FISH HATCHERY) Cheryl & Al Kaiser 2.5 23 
10 2:06 PM WILLOW CREEK Susan LaFrance 2.5 23 
11 2:29 PM FOLSOM MUSEUM Jeff Hallsten 2.6 22 
12 2:51 PM FOLSOM DAM RD Danny Miller 2.3 21 
13 3:12 PM GREEN VALLEY CENTER Samantha Ellis 2.6 24 
14 3:36 PM MALCOLM DIXON (SCHOOL HOUSE) Andrew Harris 2.5 23 
15 3:59 PM PLEASANT GROVE HOUSE Kayla Tindell 4 35 
16 4:34 PM RESCUE POST OFFICE Lucy Badenhoop 2.9 25 
17 4:59 PM CACTUS RD Elizabeth Davis 2.9 25 
18 5:24 PM BUCKEYE (UPPER) Carolyn Gilmore 3.4 35 
19 5:59 PM EL DORADO Davy Wiser 2 19 
20 6:18 PM DIAMOND SPRINGS POST OFFICE Dave Preszler 3.1 40 
21 6:58 PM HANGTOWN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Jessica Thomson 3.5 32 
22 7:30 PM ABLE'S ACRES Regina Tift 4.4 41 
23 8:11 PM CAMINO POST OFFICE Danny Miller 4 36 
24 8:47 PM SPORTSMAN'S HALL (HOME STATION) Michele Harris 2.7 28 
25 9:15 PM BULLION BEND Toby Harris 2.8 28 
26 9:43 PM FRESH POND Lee Hofer 2.2 40 10:23 PM BROCKLISS CROSSING 400 YDS 30 
27 10:53 PM BROCKLISS BRIDGELESS Annette Nylander 3.5 30 
28 11:23 PM WHITE MEADOWS RD Cindy Shields 3.5 30 
29 11:53 PM CLEVELAND CORRAL Bayley Vulgamore 2.7 27 
30 12:20 AM PONY EXPRESS CREEK Cindy Honn 2.7 27 
31 12:47 AM WIRE GATE Kathy Colt 2.2 30 
32 1:17 AM KYBURZ BYPASS @ WEBER MILL RD Dave Peters 4 65 
33 2:22 AM KYBURZ DUMP Annette Nylancler 2.4 35 
34 2:57 AM EAGLE ROCK Annette Nylancler 3.5 45 
35 3:42 AM XP CORRAL Dave Peters 4 40 
36 4:22 AM STRAWBERRY Jeff Babbage 2 30 
37 4:52 AM SLIPPERY FORD Allison Babbage 4 40 
38 5:32 AM SIERRA SKI RA Jerry Bestpitch 4 40 
39 6:12 AM OLD US 50 & US 50 Lisa Agiota 3.5 30 
40 6:42 AM CELIO RANCH Denise Luckhart 4.1 33 
41 7:10 AM FOREST SERVICE CORRAL Denise Luckhart 1.8 
42 7:23 AM FOREST SERVICE CORRAL + 1.8 Jerry Bestpitch 2.30 17 
43 7:40 AM LUTHER PASS Carolyn Gilmore 3 25 
44 8:05 AM PICKETTS JUNCTION Carolyn Gilmore 3 25 
45 8:30 AM PICKETTS JUNCTION +3 Susan LaFrance 3 25 9:00 AM ARRIVE WOODFORDS Hand Off to Nevada Rider 

NPEA Background

Through the years many dedicated horse and trail lovers have displayed an on going interest in bringing to remembrance the original Pony Express. In 1935 a Pony Express re-ride was held to commemorate the Pony Express' 75th anniversary - In 1940 the U.S. Postal Service had special ceremonies its own.

In 1958 the Western States Trail Ride' Inc. conducted a ride in which it carried official United States mail.

In anticipation of the Pony Express' hundredth birthday the Western Pony Express Trails Association joined forces with the Central Overland Pony Express Trails, Assoc. Then the National Pony Express Centennial Association was formed. It conducted the 1960 centennial re-ride which involved the President of the United States and all the Governors through whose states the Pony Express ran.

Following that celebrated event, no further re-rides over the entirety of the Pony Express Trail were held until the National Pony Express Association was organized by a group of dedicated California trail enthusiasts in 1977. The official corporate charter was obtained on March 3, 1978.

Interest and membership grew. By 1980 divisions were in operation in all eight states where the Pony Express originally ran, namely: Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and California.

National headquarters is located in Pollock Pines, California. An Annual Directors Meeting is held the fourth weekend in September in a city along the trail.

The NPEA is active year long with its Divisions participating in local commemorative events, trail work, parades and trail rides. The high light of the year is the annual Pony Express Re-Run conducted in June of each year.

In 1996 NPEA members participated in the Olympic Torch Relay. The group was the only one to carry the Olympic torch by horseback.

The California Division is active throughout the year, holds monthly dinner meetings, has trail rides, visits schools, and participates in local parades. The Division has been featured on a segment of "California's Gold," and in the national video production of "Pony Express." In 1983, the California Division achieved national recognition for its emergency mail service during the Highway 50 Slide closure.

 For Next Year:

2017-Annual Re-ride of the Pony Express
Send a Commemorative Letter by PONY EXPRESS! From St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California in 10 days! Mail will be carried by horseback by over 700 riders through California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri. Envelopes then receive a special postmark and are delivered by USPS. 

SEND ORDERS and one check or money order to cover purchase to:
National Pony Express Assoc.
1010 N. 13th Street
Marysville, KS 66508-1115
For questions regarding orders, Phone (785) 562-3615
------------------detach here ------print legibly -----detach here----------------------
COMMEMORATIVE LETTERS (described above) - $5.00 EACH - Order by June 1st
PURCHASER______________________________________ PHONE_____________
RECIPIENT’S NAME __________________________________________________
ADDRESS ______________________ ____________________________________
If ordering more than one letter, enclose a list of additional names and addresses.
State to be credited with sale: (Circle one) CA NV UT WY NE CO KS MO
PERSONAL LETTERS - $10.00 EACH –Order by May 1st
(We provide you with special stationary. You write a letter & return to us)
PURCHASER ____________________________________ PHONE _____________
CITY ________________________________STATE __________ZIP___________
State to be credited with sale: (Circle one) CA NV UT WY NE CO KS MO