24 Spectacular Things To Do In Lake Tahoe This Summer

[Crazy Family Adventure]

Lake Tahoe is split up into South Lake Tahoe – in CA and North Lake Tahoe in Nevada and is also referred to as the California Side or the Nevada ...

We couldn’t wait to get to Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to explore that magnificent blue water! We know it is known for downhill and cross country skiing, but we had heard summer was amazing too. On the drive in the views were spectacular and got us even more excited to get out to explore. 

The Angora Lakes hike – a short hike that takes you to 2 beautiful mountain lakes. Approximately 1 mile round trip

Cascade Falls – more strenuous then Angora Lakes but amazing views! It takes you up to the edge of a waterfall that empties into cascade lake. – 2 mile round trip hike

Rubicon Trail at DL Bliss State Park – 13 Miles round trip

Eagle Falls – Approximately 1 mile round trip