2nd Twin Bennett Brother Gone as Tom Bennett passes on April 17, 2016

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 18, 2016 / comments

Bennett Sculpture of Carmel (formenrly of Placerville) announced the death of Tom Bennett

"TOM BENNETT ~ February 9, 1939 ~ April 17, 2016
~ Today is a very sad day for our family, friends and Bennett Sculpture Collectors. 
~ It marks the end of an era and the undeniable passion that was Tom Bennett. This amazingly talented artist and his twin brother, Bob Bennett, created so many beautiful works of art that will live on with our thousands of Bennett Sculpture Collectors from around the world. I continue to hear each day the stories of a very emotional connection between the Collector and their art work. Thank you, Tom, for giving so much of yourself to so many.
~ This is a true legacy! You will be missed by us all....."

Twins Tom Bennett and Bob Bennett (1928 - 2003)  were born in Roseville, California.  In the late 1960s at the beginning of his career, he and his twin brother, Tom Bennett were recognized for welded wire sculptures, which they began fashioning in the back of a service station they owned. Wanting to expand on their artistic vision, the brothers changed mediums, and in 1974 began to produce a new line of sculpture, which was cast and finished in highly polished bronze. 

Soon after, they started the Bennett Sculpture foundry and galleries, which included eleven galleries throughout the United States including Hawaii.  However, in the late 1990s, the brothers divested themselves of their foundry and galleries.

Bob and Tom Bennett, created, produced and sold thousands of their bronze sculptures, for over three decades.  In the 80s, the Bennett’s opened more than twenty Bennett Sculpture Galleries across the country and currently have over 50,000 collectors from around the world.    

The late 90′s saw the closing of the Bennett Foundry in Northern California and the Bennett Sculpture galleries soon followed.  Sadly, in 2003 Bob Bennett passed away.  In August 2012, Debi Bennett (Bob’s wife of 25 years) along with her new partner, Bill Nordvik, decided Bennett Sculpture should return to its place in the art world and back into the hearts of Bennett Collectors.  The original Bennett Sculpture Carmel sign was located, touched up, and hung above the now re-opened doors in the same Carmel location from 30 years ago.  Response from Bennett Sculpture collectors and fans has been overwhelmingly positive.  New collectors and fans have been adding up quickly, as well.

Tom’s daughter, Terrie Bennett, started sculpting as a young girl in the Bennett Foundry, focusing on nature and marine life sculpture.  She has owned and operated her own galleries in Malibu, California, and Taos, New Mexico.  Terrie is now working to create several new sculpture designs for the Carmel gallery.

Bob’s daughter, Ashley Bennett-Stoddard, has been painting and sculpting for most of her young adult life.  Ashley adds bright color to the mix and her strong spirit shows within her paintings.  Since her father’s death, she has become even more determined to carry on the family legacy.