30 acre “Public Safety Center” Plans Include a 7 acre Solar Farm

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 03, 2016 / comments

An environmental impact report for the site acquisition suggests a full-fledged “public safety center” could be as big as about 106,000 square feet... spread over four buildings, all but one of them one story, and about 11 acres. A solar farm would take up about 7 acres of the property.

Avila said the sheriff’s department and other county officials now have to study more specifics about a new department, including size and cost. “We’ll see what happens next,” he said...

The property, 30.73 acres of empty land between Industrial Drive and 6625 Merchandise Way in Diamond Springs, sold last month to the county for $2.6 million, is currently zoned for industrial use.

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