7 Barn Cats now Ready for Adoption

by Placerville Newswire / Sep 17, 2019 / comments

<Tamra Godey>

Rat , mice, mole, problems? 

I have 7 barn cats available. Spayed/neutered,+rabies shots done. All adult or near adult, processed through our local Animal Outreach, now ready for adoption. 

These are all members of one young feral community, all black with the exception of one grey Siamese. Rescued from an animal hoarding property (free range ) reliable mousers. 

They are now kenneled here in Fairplay, awaiting jobs. Most are skittish but occasionally pet-able none are aggressive towards people or hens. 

This is the first wave of these animals, there will be about 2 more batches processed through the catch and release program in the coming months. Delivery available with multi cat adoption. 

No re-homing fees, available to good homes/ranches with available shelter only, 

[Responsible loving owners only], these are wonderful working animals.