West End Patrol Nets More Speeders

by Placerville Newswire / Mar 04, 2021 / comments

CHP, 13:37 · Mar 4, 2021

I Can't Drive....65!!!

Just because your car can, doesn't mean you should.

This #McLaren was caught on US-50 near Shingle Springs.

This unsafe driving will not be tolerated and will be cited.

Keep it on the track.

Placerville CHP

3031 LoHi Way Placerville, CA


El Dorado Hills gets Additional Enforcement says CHP

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 27, 2021 / comments

[CHP Placerville, 7:57 PM · Feb 27, 2021·Twitter for iPhone]

The chp_placerville has additional officers in eldoradohills ... searching for DUI and drivers disobeying the law. Here is Officer Sepulveda on his first stop of the night. More tickets were given for numerous violations throughout El Dorado Hills. 


Sheriff's Arrest and Activity Log for 2/7/2021

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Arrests are made based upon probable cause




Sheriff's Arrest and Activity Log for 1-4-21

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Arrests are made based upon probable cause

Roman Lopez Family Thanks Placerville Police Department

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[Kristin labs-Ellenburg*]

Just over a year ago, the family of Roman Lopez received news that would change their lives forever. Since that day, several local and federal law enforcement agencies have worked tirelessly to achieve their goal of making arrests. Yesterday, they reached their goal. 

The announcement of the arrests of Jordan and Lindsay Piper has brought feelings of immeasurable relief to Roman's family. However, they still carry the sadness of losing Roman, now in measured depths.