Academy of Fine Art in the Pines wins 10 blue ribbons at El Dorado County Fair

by Placerville Newswire / Jun 28, 2019 / comments

[Arts and Culture El Dorado]

The Academy of Fine Art in the Pines congratulates its students for their success at this year's fair!

“Mise-en-scène ,” an art term for, “setting the stage,” would best describe the success of The Academy of Fine Art in the Pines at this year’s 2019 El Dorado County Fair.

The stage was set at this beloved venue by the serious practicum of the student body who enroll in the “atelier” (studio/workshop) styled classes.

Owner, Vanda Lavar’s students had been creating their serious works of art all year specifically for the El Dorado County Fair’s Art competition. The Academy proudly boasts ten winners of first place awards in their respected divisions. Lavar herself took 1st place in the Professional Division, with a Hudson River School styled painting titled, “Ama’s Blue Moon.” (Lavar also won first place for her Chocolate Raspberry Sour Cream cake.)

Toni Dent, Faith Black, Sage Kerr, Chiarra Young, Clara Fennell, Evelyn Jones, Tasha Blue, and Ellie Evens all won first place in their divisions as well. Some students entered more than one division and received first place twice. Tasha Blue was awarded Best of show, as was Ellie Evans for her Up House, and Faith Black for her beautifully, detailed drawing of a kitten. Clara Fennell also won first place and other awards for her photography. Tracy Lauth, who studied previously with Ms. Lavar was also a big winner.

Classes at The Academy are for children and adults. All major art movements are studied and mediums including oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, gouache, and graphite/pencil are taught.

The Academy also offers Plein Air work shops, with a wonderful workshop coming up on June 29th, with Charles White and Lavar, tandem teaching at Lava Cap Winery. There are still openings available, please see web site.

Community involvement is part of The Academy’s mission and they work with New Hope and Juvenile Hall, along with other venues which support the community.

Their website is and phone is (530) 723-6551