Active Shooter Response Instructor Certification Course in South Lake Tahoe -- LE Only

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 27, 2016 / comments

General: This course is focused toward the first and second responder officer / personnel to an “active shooter” event / scene in order to mitigate and terminate and control this threat in the shortest possible time frame.

May 18, 2016 at South Lake Tahoe, CA, United States in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Objective: Certify & qualify the student to instruct “Active shooter response” as well as utilize the ballistic breeching shotgun and the Royal Arms “Flash Bang”. The student will learn different methods of organization, methods of entry to seize control and dominate the affected areas as quickly as possible. The student will demonstrate differing strategies, methodologies and techniques in response to this type of an attack.

Topics to be covered:
1.    Types and methods of attack
2.    The profile of the attacker
3.    Response protocols 
4.    Methods of entry
5.    Target folders
6.    Breeching the site for entry
7.    Rapid containment
8.    Medical concerns and evacuation
9.    Much more

Each student will provide and need the following:
1.    Lap-top computer
2.    Pen, pencil and note-taking material
3.    870 Shotguns
4.    Mechanical Breeching
5.    Full individuals gear

IMTT will provide:
1.    Training aids
2.    Student handout booklets (PDF)
3.    Certificate of training to each student
4.    Practice Flash Bangs for use
5.    Breeching shotgun for use during the class with appropriate rounds.

Dates; May 18, 19 & 20th 2016
Course length: 24 HOURS

Course cost: Payment for this course is $365.00 per person. If the student would like to include a device for themselves the cost will be $650.00, the device comes brand new boxed with 100 practice and 10 actual reloads. Government purchase orders are accepted prior to the course with the same payments schedules described.

Location: Lake Tahoe Ca. ; Base Camp Hotel, 4143 Cedar Ave, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 / 530-208-0180 Start time 0800hrs May 18th 2016 for check in

How to pay: Credit card, Purchase order, check. Contact us at; MONTEIMTT@GMAIL.COM or call 661-972-0721.

Instructor bio: honorably retired California state peace officer with 27 ½ years of service. He is certified by the DHS as an “Active Shooter Response Instructor”. Service with the “Emergency Operations Unit” assigned to the state capital. His final post was state of California as a SWAT Assault Team leader & Master instructor. He additionally served over 20 years in the US military, within the US Special Operations community, serving in combat operations and multiple deployments. He has worked under contract in the state of Israel, Guatemala, and Columbia, El Salvador and extensively throughout the European Union.