AD06 Update: Terrible Spin From Disconnected Unknowns Cristi Nelson and Kevin Kiley

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 04, 2016 / comments

Cristi Nelson has been running for AD06 for about a year. She has been out-raised by Bill Halldin in 4 months and now is having to resort to some poorly constructed spin in her campaign updates.

She recently sent out a press release claiming that she out-raised her opponents and is now the “front-runner”. Um, nope. She has next to no endorsements and as you will find out some of those that she has came with a price-tag.

My comments are inserted amidst the lines of her email:

Roseville, CA— Small business owner and candidate for Assembly, Cristi Nelson has secured her place as the front runner in Assembly District 6 by reporting more than $240,000 in total contributions and $180,006 cash on hand. Despite being a first time candidate running against long term political figures in the Sacramento foothills, Nelson has bested all of them in fundraising.

Please note – this is the main fabrication of her email. She lists $103,297 in debt. This means her real cash on hand is $76,709… far less than Bill Halldin’s Cash on hand of $115,141 less his debts (which are a whopping $4700). She is claiming the $100k LOAN she gave herself as money raised, a common trick in campaigns.

This is a phenomenal report for a first time candidate that is running circles around some others that have done this many times,” said Senator Ted Gaines when asked about the report. “She is clearly the front runner for this seat.”

Please note: Cristi Nelson wrote Ted Gaines for State Senate a $2500 check out of her official Assembly account on 10/6, was this payment for services rendered? In case you’re not connecting the dots, click here to see the announcement of the endorsement on 10/13, 7 days after the check was written. Now we know the price tag. 

I am leaving out the rest of Cristi’s email which is also an embellished resume, speaking of common tricks of candidates.

The truth comes out in Bill Halldin’s email which honestly lists the whole picture:

The Numbers                   Amount Raised (6/1-12/31)  Cash On Hand          Campaign Debt


Bill Halldin                            $152,569                              $119,939                          $   4,798

Cristi Nelson                       $  62,837                               $181,490                           $103,297

Kevin Kiley                          $  43,815                               $ 57,537                             $         0

Kevin Hanley                      $  73,206                               $ 68,721                             $  54,862

Suzanne Jones                  $  17,681                               $   2,613                               $    9,800

Kiley, who is also a lawyer like Cristi Nelson was reputed to have raised gobs of money with a ceiling of $250,000 or more. Of his money, $8400 has come out of his own pocket (but to his credit, those were not loans). But then there was this Gem from Kevin Kiley on 10/30/2015:

Dear Friend,

I need your help. We are within a few thousand dollars of achieving what was once dismissed as too ambitious a goal: $100,000 raised. Your donation today will help us reach our target before our October 31st deadline.

Whoops. Kiley gave himself another $4200 (the second half of the 8400) on 12/31 and his total is still short of $100k.

The correct statement is that Bill Halldin has torched the field in just four months. This is what happens when you have been active in the community with a thick rolodex of friends. Look for Halldin to continue raising real money from real people in droves in the coming weeks.