AmeriTech Financial in El Dorado Hills is Doubling its Workforce

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 13, 2016 / comments

Due to Exploding Student Loan Debt Crisis, AmeriTech management makes plans to increase staff and reinforce tech infrastructure to streamline process and support increased demand for student loan document preparation services.

Northern California-based document preparation company AmeriTech Financial officially set plans in place last week to double its Enrollment and Operations staff to account for an ever-increasing demand for their document preparation and financial analysis services.

“We’ve already helped so many people prepare documents to file with the Department of Education for student loan payment reduction,” says Martin Rowinski, who works in Business Development at AmeriTech, “And the feedback we’re getting from our clients is overwhelming and heartwarming. On a daily basis we’re getting calls from our client’s friends and families. We definitely didn’t expect such an influx of word-of-mouth business, but it tells me we’re heading in the right direction.”
In an effort to increase their reach to potential clients referred by friends and family, AmeriTech Financial has begun to actively increase the staff in each department to account for the influx of struggling borrowers.

“We’re so excited about the year ahead,” says Mr. Rowinski. “We will expand our technology infrastructure and front-end agent availability so we can ensure every student loan borrower has a chance to qualify for these loan forgiveness programs.”

Mr. Rowinski added, “We’re in the business of helping people so they can be empowered by their formal education, not hindered by it, so it’s imperative that we stay one step ahead by making sure there’s always someone here available to answer the phone, day or night.”

Tom Knickerbocker, the Vice President of Operations, followed up by saying, “Word is getting out that there is still hope amidst this growing debt crisis. We’re thrilled about the opportunity to increase our reach to help even more borrowers find debt relief through these government programs. This year, we’ll be able to create more jobs and help even more people in need.”

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