Andrea Howard and Jennifer Sands become The Center's newest Board Members

by Placerville Newswire / Feb 17, 2018 / comments


The Center is pleased to announce the appointment of Jennifer Sands and Andrea Howard as new members of The Center's Board of Directors. 
Jennifer became acquainted with The Center through her involvement with El Dorado County's Continuum of Care meetings,  which she attended as a board member of United Outreach.  Jennifer shared, "I had known of the Center's work before that, and had admired its mission and the success of its programs." "When United Outreach lost its funding and I had termed off of the Women's Fund Cabinet, I began to consider joining another non-profit. As luck would have it, The Center was looking to expand its board and I was fortunate to connect with Matt Huckabay, who updated me on the Center's profile." " I was excited by what I heard and delighted, not long afterward, to be invited to join the board."  
"Domestic violence is far more common than any of us would like to think. My own sister has been a victim of it, as has my mother-in-law. For me, as for many of us I would guess, the cause is personal."

"The Center seems to be on the brink of exciting expansion. I am interested in learning as much as I can about The Center's programs and operations in order to help facilitate that expansion. The Center has provided a model of success at both the state and federal level; I'd like to help build on that success while serving on the board."

"What excites me about working with the Center is the energy and momentum its programs have inspired. The Center has a great track record; its programs work. I'm excited to be a part of the next chapter of the Center's long and impressive history."
Andrea Howard became acquainted with The Center through a long-time professional relationship with The Center's previous Board President Matt Boyer. They first met  when Matt worked at the County of El Dorado, and also as  Senior Fellows with the American Leadership Forum. "Matt invited me to lunch one day to tell me about his service on The Center’s board and asked if I was interesting in joining.  I love giving back to the community and always look for new opportunities.  The Center board position was a perfect fit." "As I think about my childhood, I have nothing but positive memories.  There wasn’t a single instance where I didn’t feel loved or safe, and those feelings of security and stability have certainly extended into adulthood. My experiences in school were fun, exciting, and surrounded by good friends who respected me instead of bullied me. The atmosphere in which I was raised has helped me thrive and succeed, and I wish the same for others." 
"I am grateful that The Center is a valuable resource for families and children in need, but what really excites me is their forward-thinking approach in breaking the cycle of violence for the next generation and teaching them the values of positive social skills." As a firm believer in board governance, Andrea brings a valuable skill set that will aid in advancing the board’s strategic initiatives, through fiduciary oversight, organizational planning, resource management.
 Andrea shared that she is excited about learning more about domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other similar abusive behaviors anf how they affect her neighbors in El Dorado County in order to become an ambassador for The Center, while working collaboratively with the board to play a role in stopping the culture of violence and furthering the mission of building healthy relationships, families and communities.
The Center is thrilled to have such passionate community members joining our board and we are looking forward to the work we will do together serving our clients!