Annual Union Mine Football Crab Feed – A ‘Cracking’ Success

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 30, 2019 / comments

[Serena Fuson]

It was a great night at the 3rd Annual Union Mine Football Crab Feed! The Crab Feed offered a wonderful evening of crab, music, raffle, auctions and fun. The El Dorado Union High School District, the UMHS Boosters and the UMHS Football Program wish to thank the community and all those who attended, sponsored, and/or volunteered at the event for their support in making this night run smoothly. All proceeds benefit the Union Mine Football Program – The 2018 SVC League Champions, Coached by Chic Bist!

Brad Mumm, Assistant Coach, said, “Coach Bist places an emphasis on an inclusive school and community environment. He encourages his student athletes to create a culture of ‘family.’ Coach Bist is committed to ensuring every student feels a part of the group as well as respected.”

Shelley Abel-Smith, UMHS Special Education Teacher, stated, “Coach Bist suffered the loss of his beloved daughter, Hope Bist, less than a year ago and this week the loss of Logan, a UMHS student and football player. After both of these tragic losses, coach was living by faith and supporting those closest to Logan and Hope by being present to offer counsel and comfort. This comfort and counsel is extended to the team who are learning from him how to be caring and compassionate young adults. One way he does this is at the start of football season, he tells his team that they need to visit her students. It didn’t take long before the visits were voluntary and the players interacted regularly with her students all around campus. Because Coach Bist encouraged them and modeled compassion, her students were accepted as peers. Coach Bist started an honorary football program to give her students an opportunity to be on the high school team. He does not believe that wheelchairs, Down syndrome, autism, leg braces, feeding tubes, or any other condition is a limitation severe enough to keep students from being part of a team and representing the Diamondbacks proudly. Honorary Captains sit with the team for rallies, run in with the team onto the football field, and go out and shake hands with the referees and opposing captains. All of her parents have shared with her that they never really thought they would see their child out on the field in this capacity and how incredibility much it meant to them.”

UMHS student, Austin Craine, shared with the crowd his excitement as being named an honorary UMHS football player. He also thanked the football players for being his friend and for including him and thanked Coach Bist for treating him like “family.”

Dr. Ron Carruth, El Dorado Union High School District Superintendent, said, “Coach Bist has been working in this community for over 37 years and is being honored tonight for being a model to others. Every one of the young football players are extraordinarily proud to be coached by such a fine person who has made an impact on their life.”

Dr. Ed Manansala, El Dorado County Superintendent of Schools, recognized Coach Chic Bist on behalf of the El Dorado County Office of Education and the El Dorado Union High School District in appreciation for his caring example for our school and community to include everyone and emphasize the value and importance of “family.”