Apple Hill Traffic Congestion Smartphone App?


El Dorado County officials are dealing with the popularity of trees in another way this spring. Every fall, thousands of people flock to Apple Hill to visit ranches, pick apples from the trees, eat apple pie and apple donuts, and buy apple cider.

It's been causing traffic jams on the busiest days for years now. The traffic jams, though, are mostly concentrated along Carson Road, and a few attractions, notably Abel's, High Hill Ranch and Boa Vista.

A lot of visitors, however, don't get around to many of the smaller growers and ranches on the back roads, in part because the back country, though gorgeous, feels a bit remote and the windy roads can be confusing.

Growers and county officials have begun talking about creating a smart phone app or enhanced mobile website that can tell visitors which ranches offer the service or product you are looking for. And, the apps could let visitors know in real time where the traffic is backing up, so they can avoid it.

The project is in the early stages ...