The author reads "Growing up in good old Placerville" from his Book

by Placerville Newswire / Jan 05, 2020 / comments

[Shannon Casebeer]

In this video Shannon Thomas Casebeer, from his cabin in the woods, reads "Growing up in good old Placerville" a selection from his book, "Glad Days Long Ago".

This video, a tale about growing up in good old Placerville California, is the Ninth in an ongoing series of videos featuring the author reading selections from his book "Glad Days Long Ago", available for purchase on Amazon. His book, although autobiographical to some extent, is a fictional parable about youth, innocence, faith, heritage, nostalgia, patriotism, and growing old. It contains humor, bitter sweet reminiscences, and glimpses of a distant day when life seemed simple, summer was perennial, and childlike faith assured tomorrow's joys.