Bear Proofing a Chicken Coop

by Placerville Newswire / Aug 24, 2019 / comments


"Try and eat my birds now you jerk bear," writes Tanya as she electrifies her coop.

"That is a badass coop!!" says Cristal Wallace.

"Thank you! Hubby figures it's going to take the chickens about 40 years to pay it off, lol." Tanya Jukes replies.

Tanya Jukes told me, "Thank you! Turns out, they will rip hardware cloth open like a Ziploc bag. They must be hungry because we've never had a problem til now. But, they'll have to go elsewhere for their dinner."

In the picture Chris Klingelhoets notes, "you have the mandatory chicken fishing net. We use ours all the time lol."

Candy Bemis Eiferd adds, "the fishin net. I use mine all the time."