The best big wall free climber in the world is coming to Tahoe

by Placerville Newswire / Jan 05, 2017 / comments

by Chris McNamara -- Yes folks, the rumors are true: The best big wall free climber in the world is coming to Ski Run Blvd. in South Lake Tahoe, Sunday night to support Tahoe climbing. 

What could be better than an intimate venue with Tommy Caldwell telling the story of the hardest big wall climb of all time? Well, 100% of the proceeds for the night go to the American Safe Climbing Association for bolt replacement around The Lake.

There are only 120 tickets. There's a roughly 110% chance they will sell out, so buy now (and please don't message us once they're sold out... but just know, we still love you).

There is only one way to buy tickets: buy tickets before the show with your credit card or paypal by clicking on the link below. (All the money goes directly to the ASCA. Instantly. It's magic.)

Print out your confirmation email and bring it to the event (we will also have your name on a list, if you forget).

Support Ski Run and the local eateries and come on down to grab a bite at Blue Angel Cafe, Chimayó Street Grill or Nepheles beforehand.

(Editor's Note: It is unclear if the extreme weather will alter this event.)