Sheriff's Arrest and Activity Log for 6-3-18

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The following people are on the arrest log of June 3, 2018, as reported by the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department:

First Name    Last Name        Sex    
Date Booked    Status        Age
First Charges    Description of First Charges      Bail Amount

LT    20180603    INCUSTODY    46    E
245(A)(1)    F    ADW NOT FIREARM    

Former Supervisors Endorse Dellinger

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[Taxpayer Watchdogs for Dan Dellinger For Recorder-Clerk]

Placerville, CA – Three popular former County Supervisors, Sam Bradley, Ray Nutting, and Ron Briggs have joined the growing list of taxpayer advocates endorsing Dan Dellinger for County Recorder-Clerk. The announcement came at a candidates forum sponsored by the State of Jefferson Committee and again during a telephone town hall meeting sponsored by Taxpayer Watchdogs for Dan Dellinger For Recorder-Clerk.

Finding Our Moral Compass - A Proposal for Three Foundational Values

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[Gregg Henriques Ph.D., professor of psychology at James Madison University]

Opinion - Owen is right choice in race for El Dorado County auditor-controller

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[Nick Miller]

Endorsements are an important element of political campaigns. Because it is hard to obtain unslanted data about candidates from websites and social media (and some people do not use those tools), voters look to a candidate's alignment with causes or figures that are meaningful to them via the endorsement process.

Opinion - Be Sure to Vote in upcoming Election

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[Gerri Grego]

The end of an election cycle. Anyone ready for the election to be over? By the time we reach the election we are inundated with calls, mailers, advertisements and the all too familiar hit pieces. Why is it that we are so willing to believe the sensational and hateful comments?