Move Over, Butterflies. There's a Ladybug Bloom in Town

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[Cal County News]

A mysterious blob picked up on National Weather Service radar over Southern California last week turned out to be a swarm of ladybugs measuring 80 miles by 80 miles wide. The so-called ladybug bloom was seen Tuesday at around 8 p.m., 5,000 to 9,000 feet over San Bernardino County, as reported by NBC News

Kevin Kiley - a Case Study in How to Make Every Candidate Mistake Possible

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[Aaron F Park, Right On Daily Blog]

SD-01 Wrap Up: Wrecked Ambition, Kevin Kiley, a Case Study in How to Make Every Candidate Mistake Possible

I walked my first precinct in 1998. I registered Republican in late 1997. I met Josh Cook, Brian Dahle’s Chief of Staff in 2002 when the Late Sam Aanestad defeated Dick Dickerson for State Senate. Josh Cook was his on the ground campaign manager. Doug LaMalfa’s current Chief of Staff, Mark Spannagel was a young kid staffer for Dick Dickerson.

Wagon Train Comes Home 2019

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[California City News]

You already know that California is vulnerable to devastating earthquakes, wildfires, and even floods. But it may surprise you to learn we’re also home to at least seven active volcanoes that could erupt at any time, spewing toxic gas, threatening infrastructure, and causing earthquakes.

Momma Goat Dumped - Caught on Game Camera

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Dave Souza reports from "‎What's Really Happening on the Divide"
"To the prick that dumped a dead momma goat and a Ram on Bear Creek Rd. Karma POS. Game camera got your vehicle."

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