"Deputy the Bear" Builds a Stronger Community for the Future

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After a tragic loss a few years ago, this young girl told her mom she was afraid of law enforcement. Her mom reached out to members of EDSO and we took it as an opportunity to bond with her. She was a lucky recipient of a hand crafted bear, which is made from old uniforms donated by deputies and correctional officers. By the end of this meeting, EDSO had a new friend and "Deputy the Bear" had a new home.


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[EDC- Health]

(Placerville, CA) - El Dorado County Public Health Nurse, Lynnan Svensson, is reminding parents to plan for the coming school year by ensuring their children are up-to-date on required immunizations. For families without a health care provider, the El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency, Public Health Nursing program offers low-cost back-to-school immunizations for eligible children. Public Health can provide all childhood vaccinations required for school entry, as well as other vaccinations recommended to keep children healthy.

Coloma-Lotus Survey Results

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Coloma-Lotus Survey Results from:
 61 Total Responses
 26 Responders attended 3/18/19 meeting
 50 Emails collected at meeting
 35 Responders did not attend 3/18/19 meeting

Reflections on the Japanese American Sesquicentennial at Wakamatsu Farm

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