Taking a Break from Chores to Get Chatted Up by Casanova with a Walker

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 15, 2018 / comments

[JoAnn Ehler, North Placerville]

Took Chy to work then ran to grocery outlet real quick n I see this old man with walker struggling to get something so I help him n get to talking with him!!!!

He tells me im “built like a real woman should b Short n Full of Curves!!!!” So I laughed n said “ok Casanova!” 

When I’m leaving I see him pushing his walker with his groceries out of parking lot so I pull up next to him n say “alright Casanova let me give you a ride home!” 

April 29th Chipotle Fundraiser for Pregnancy Counseling Services of Placerville

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[TaNelle Forgy, Executive Director]

Come support PCS and enjoy dinner at Chipotle!  
50% of all sales go to PCS! 

PLEASE YOU MUST mention the fundraiser, or have a flier, or show a picture of the flier on your phone!

Thank you so much for your support!

Pregnancy Counseling Services of El Dorado County (PCS) is a pregnancy resource and support center located in Placerville, California.

SLT Mayor's Conversation is about Cannabis retails sales

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Join Mayor Wendy David for the April “Let’s Have a Conversation” and special guests and we’ll be talking about the retails sales of cannabis within the City of South Lake Tahoe. Join her on Wednesday, April 25th at 9am at the Senior Center located at 3050 Lake Tahoe Blvd.

City Hosts "Let's Have a Conversation with the Mayor:
Topic: Cannabis
April 25th, 9am

Sheriff's Arrest and Activity Log for 4-14-18

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President Donald J. Trump Proclaims April 2018 as National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.  Sexual Assaults will be highlighted in Purple this month.  

The following people are on the arrest log of April 14, 2018, as reported by the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department:

CA ‘rape kit’ backlog under fire

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Thousands of  California women who said they were raped gave details of their assaults to investigators and provided critical data in “rape kits” — DNA, wounds, semen, hair, fibers — to identify their attackers.

But many of the rape kits were not examined in a timely way, caught in a months-long backlog that has angered some lawmakers and women’s groups.