150 year old Newtown has New Destinations

by Placerville Newswire / Dec 13, 2016 / comments

The setting for this story could be a Hollywood movie fade-in on a thriving mining community southeast of Placerville, CA in the early 1850’s. It was called “Newtown”. You can vividly imagine the noisy rousting about of the miners in and about the saloons and boardwalks crowded with all manner of local folks trying to go about their business amid barking dogs, horses, carriages and stagecoaches coming and going. The Wells Fargo Concord Stage Coach was the grandest of all, carrying the gold to Sacramento banks.

Santa Claus will be visiting Crystal Basin Cellars AND Crystal Basin Bistro this Sunday, December 18th!

by Placerville Newswire / Dec 13, 2016 / comments

Santa is going to enjoy Brunch and a Mimosa at the Bistro from 9:30 to 1pm. Don't worry, he'll make the time to hear out the wishes of Kiddies and Grandkiddies from near and far.

Plus, we've got a Photographer to record the special moment.  We'll provide a link to a website so you can save or print your own photos.

Then, Santa's gonna to head up to Crystal Basin Cellars for some of the killer red juice. He'll be listening to the Christmas wishes of All Critters with 2 legs or furry 4-legged ones. Bring Yo' Selfie Sticks and Take Yo' Own Pics!

Outreach for 2017 Temporary Fire Hotshot Positions

by Placerville Newswire / Dec 12, 2016 / comments

US Forest Service: 2017 Hotshot Temporary Fire Positions. Duty Station: South Lake Tahoe CA. The Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit (LTBMU) will be filling several.

The Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit (LTBMU) will be filling several TEMPORARY SEASONAL FIREFIGHTER positions for the 2017 season.

Antioch Charter School to be member of the El Dorado County Charter SELFA

by Placerville Newswire / Dec 12, 2016 / comments

{Correction, the original peition, and following AUSD Press release contains a typo.  SELFA should read SELPA, an acronym for "Special Education Local Planning Agency."} 

On December 7, the Antioch Unified School District approved a petition by Rocketship Charter School to open in Antioch in 2018.

The 3-2 approval came after a 3-hour 31-minute meeting which included more than 2-hours of public comments with directors Fernando Navarro, Alonzo Terry and Walter Ruehlig voting “Yes” while Diane Gibson-Gray and Debra Vinson voted “No”.

Publishers Take On Ad-Agency Roles With Branded Content

by Placerville Newswire / Dec 12, 2016 / comments

Traditional news outlets like New York Times, Wall Street Journal expand into ads, sponsored material


New York Times: Co. staffer recently spent weeks digging into a technology company, visiting engineering departments and interviewing executives to ferret out the best story there was to be told about the firm.