"Lockdowns are Killing Us"

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[Congressman Tom McClintock, 2-5-21. IMG: credit follows]

We are now nearly a year into the most self-destructive social experiment in the recorded history of human civilization.

On this day a year ago, we enjoyed the greatest economic expansion in our lifetimes.  The poverty rate was the lowest in 60 years.  The unemployment rate was the lowest in 50 years.  Wage growth was the strongest in 40 years.  The wage gap was narrowing, with blue collar wages growing the fastest.  Unemployment rates for minority groups and women was the lowest ever recorded. 

Placerville Logo Back on Agenda

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PLACERVILLE, CA. (CBS13) – Placerville, California’s city logo, a noose hanging from a tree, has become a sensitive topic over the years.

It is quite controversial, and I think there is a big divide within the community about what we ultimately do,” said councilmember Michael Saragosa.

Sheriff's Arrest and Activity Log for 1-4-21

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Arrests are made based upon probable cause

Bald Eagle Annual Count Sees Jump in Tahoe

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[Supervisor Novasel, District V County Supervisor]

According to our friends at the Tahoe Institute for Natural Science (TINS), 42 bald eagles were spotted in their annual count. 

This is 15 more than the 2017 record of 27 eagles

Thanks to careful and descriptive data collection from over 200 volunteers, TINS was able to differentiate 30 individual adults and sub-adults and 12 immatures (featured in the photo). 

Thank you TINS and the amazing volunteers that help count the eagles year after year. 

Roman Lopez Family Thanks Placerville Police Department

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[Kristin labs-Ellenburg*]

Just over a year ago, the family of Roman Lopez received news that would change their lives forever. Since that day, several local and federal law enforcement agencies have worked tirelessly to achieve their goal of making arrests. Yesterday, they reached their goal. 

The announcement of the arrests of Jordan and Lindsay Piper has brought feelings of immeasurable relief to Roman's family. However, they still carry the sadness of losing Roman, now in measured depths.