State Assembly 6

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State Assembly District 6

Candidate picture



Candidate picture


Brian Caples (Dem) Non-governmental organization director

Kevin Kiley (Rep) Deputy attorney general

Age 40

State Assembly 5

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State Assembly District 5 

Candidate picture

Candidate picture


Frank Bigelow (Rep) -- Rancher, businessman, assemblyman

Robert Carabas (Dem) Retired

Age 62

The Legal Case Against Dumping Trump

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Dumping Trump is nearly impossible, even if the GOP wants to do it. It’s not a complicated legal question, it’s a straightforward fact. No amount of posturing will erase the disaster the Republican Party has brought upon itself. If they wanted to try, here’s what they’d have to do:

First, the RNC must comply with its own rules to change its nominee. Those rules authorize the RNC to “fill any and all vacancies which may occur by reason of death, declination, or otherwise” through a convention or through a vote of “committee members.”

Experience Yom Kippur at Lake Tahoe

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Tuesday  11 October  2016  6:45 PM - Wednesday  12 October  2016 7:05 PM

Join Chabad for a inspirational and meaningful Yom Kippur experience. 
All are welcome
No membership fees or tickets required
Warm, friendly Community
No prior experience necessary. 
Relaxed non judgmental atmosphere
Hebrew-English prayer books
Traditional services blended with contemporary messages
Prayer instructions throughout the service
Exciting children's corner with games, books and toys


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Placerville Newswire | Arrested in El Dorado County on Oct 8, 2016. -- Notable Incidents: EVADING PEACE OFFICER, bail $10,500...  |  THRTN CRIME:INT:TERRORIZE+, bail $345,000...  |  EL DORADO HILLS, MARRIED COUPLE WERE IN A DISPUTE AND SUSPECT USED SCISSORS TO SCRATCH VICTIM...  |  EL DORADO HILLS, IDENTITY THEFT AND INTERNET FRAUD...  |  ...

KEY: Common Name
-Booking Number -First Name -Middle Name -Last Name -Sex
-Facility -Date Booked -Status -Age at Booking -Arresting Agency
-First 5 Charges -Bail $