Renown Gold Miner Settles in Placerville, 1920

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[Jeanie Decker. Image: O'Leary 1898] Mr. Arthur O’Leary as he prepared to go to the Klondike. He was only 24 years old and full of the Irish heritage of adventure and hard work.  By 1920, Arthur, Frances, and their daughter had moved to Placerville in California, where he would mine for the rest of his life.

Here is his story as told by his great grand-daughter, Jeanie Decker:

"Your GPS is WRONG" warns El Dorado County Sheriff's Office

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With the closure of Hwy 50 due the slide, several motorists have taken to their GPS units to try to navigate around the closure.  This has led to numerous parties getting stuck on roads that are closed during the winter, and in the end, tie up valuable resources rescuing them from deep snow or impassable roads.

2 Mudslides, Downed Trees, Boulders, and Mud Close Highway 50

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A series of mudslides on Friday afternoon shut down Highway 50 in both directions.   The 2nd mudslide began around 4:25 Friday afternoon.  Echo Summit local Joey Anderson said, “There was a little slide when I came down around 3 o’clock. It was blocking one lane of traffic.”  Near Kyburz, Caltrans was trying to clear another large mudslide about 3:40 p.m. Friday, officials said.

Hank Monk: A Stage Driver to Get You There On Time

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Very few images define the spirit of the Old West more than a colorful picture of a stage coach dashing through the spectacular scenery of the western mountains drawn by a team of four or six beautiful horses. For very good reason, this image has been adopted as the trade mark of the Wells Fargo Banking Company. Wells Fargo, Butterfield and Pioneer stage line companies all ran stage coaches carrying mail, freight and passengers throughout the Comstock region beginning in the 1850s.

El Dorado County Update on Infrastructure Problems Due to Recent Storms - February 10, 2017

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[PR Pond]

Placerville, CA – El Dorado County over the last couple of weeks has seen a significant amount of rain and snow fall. The rain and snow fall has caused infrastructure problems countywide. In the Tahoe Basin, significant snow and now rain amounts, have staff working 24 hours a day to plow roads, clear blocked drains due to snow berms, and remove downed trees. There was significant flooding in the Meyers area on Tuesday and Wednesday.