Body Found in Swift Water may be that of Brian Trevisan-Maxey

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 29, 2020 / comments


On Friday, EDSO was called regarding a possible drowning at the north fork of the Cosumnes River. It was reported that 16 year old Brian Trevisan-Maxey was missing. Brian, and a group of friends, had been walking along rocks in the river with Brian at the rear of the group. At one point, the group noticed Brian was no longer behind them. After searching the area, the group called 911.

EDSO responded, including Search and Rescue and the EDSO Dive Team, to search the area and the water. The search continued through Tuesday when a body was discovered in the water. Recovery attempts have been made and are so far unsuccessful, as the area has extremely fast moving water and a depth of approximately 25 feet.

Although positive identification has not been completed, it is believed to be Brian. Our thoughts and prayers are with Brian’s family during this extremely difficult time. Brian’s family has asked for privacy during this time and no further contact with media outlets.


Running water is the most powerful and unrelenting force on our planet. Rivers are unpredictable, have varying depths and a myriad of other hazards. EDSO asks that you stay away from high-flowing rivers.

While most people can see the danger and plan to stay out of the water, we have lost several people after slipping or falling off rocks near swollen rivers. Please think about this the next time you plan to go to the beautiful, and very dangerous, rivers in El Dorado County.


The US Coast Guard calls this the most important piece of boating safety equipment, the life jacket. If you are planning any activity on water it is important that you wear a US Coast Guard approved PFD (personal floating device) and is the best way to prevent water related fatalities.

Loaner PFD's are available at several recreation sites around the county. Remember to actually wear it! If you wait until you need it, it is likely too late.