Bowmen Seek Volunteers for Target Replacements

by Placerville Newswire / Jul 31, 2017 / comments

[El Dorado Hills Bowmen]

One of the most critical tasks performed on the range is replacing damaged paper targets.  When the targets are not replaced regularly, the aesthetic quality of our Archery Range deteriorates.

We all need to thank long time member Dave Stroncak for doing this, very important, work on a regular basis. Thank you Dave!

But we cannot rely solely on Dave for this task to be completed since we all benefit from fresh targets!   We would like to enlist a group of members/volunteers to replace the paper targets.  The plan is to schedule work dates for the target replacements and have the team sign up to finish pre-determined tasks as it fits their schedule.

The pre-cut targets (thank you, Dennis Sorensen) are available in the target shed along with instructions on quantity and sizing for each target.

If enough members volunteer for this team, it should not be an overwhelming task falling on just a few.

If you can help your club this way, contact Bill Peterson @