Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence in El Dorado County

by Placerville Newswire / Jul 05, 2017 / comments

[The Center for Violence-Free Relationships.  Photo courtesy of Pedro M.]

Success after Abuse.......  
The Center for Violence Free -Relationships would like to congratulate Pedro M. on his amazing accomplishment of Graduating from UC Berkeley this May 2017 with his Bachelor's Degree in Math Studies.  What a phenomenal accomplishment and testament to the tenacity and focus of what can be achieved when an individual sets their sights high, works hard and has access to resources that will support achievement.
Pedro spent time in The Center's safe house in 2011, when his mother fled an abusive relationship and sought services from The Center.  This family has persevered through the most challenging of circumstances and is on a beautiful path of success.  
During her marriage, Pedro's mother had experienced nearly every type of abuse imaginable, with the most prevalent being verbal, emotional, and physical.  
She was afraid to leave yet she wanted to make a permanent change. She became educated on the cycle of abuse in order to  break the cycle of intergenerational violence to provide a better life to her children.  
She diligently attended 1-on-1 counseling, The Center's domestic violence support group, and worked with The Center's Legal team to obtain a dissolution from her abuser. Concerned for her children's well-being in witnessing abuse, she participated in The Second Generation Project with her youngest son to ensure he learned tools to cope with the trauma associated with domestic violence and heal. While in the safe house she began attending college taking ESL classes and has remained committed to furthering her education, as well as, obtaining employment.
Fast forward five years; this woman has been able to maintain her household without the support of her abuser. She has made great strides in acheiving her goals and in ending the intergenerational cycle of violence within her family unit. 
We hope that you'll help us continue to support and educate families with such potential so that they can thrive.