'Bud and breakfast' operator concerned about South Lake Tahoe's cannabis regulations

[Claire Cudahy, Tahoe Daily Tribune]

Guests at Daniel Zuhlke's South Lake Tahoe AirBnB are greeted by a table adorned with flowers, vegan snacks, a crowler of local craft beer — and a bong filled with Tahoe-grown cannabis.

Touted as "Tahoe's 1st Vegan Bed, Bud, Brew and Breakfast," Zuhlke's vacation home rental — a one-room granny unit next to his home — is one of the businesses that has found a way to take advantage of the legalization of recreation cannabis ahead of the Jan. 1 starting date for retail sales. Zuhlke, a bridge engineer, "gifts" adult-use cannabis to his guests.

Since Prop. 64 passed in November 2016, adults 21 years or older can posses and consume recreational marijuana, as well as grow up to six plants in a residential facility for personal consumption. The state of California is still in the process of drafting its regulations for recreational cannabis retail sales, commercial grows, edible production and testing, though they are expected out sometime in ...