Call your dad and mom, call your sons and daughters

by Placerville Newswire / Jun 17, 2018 / comments

[Ron Briggs]

Sons are put on the earth to trouble their fathers” (Spoken by Paul Newman in his character John Rooney line in the 2002 movie “the Road to Perdition”)

Sunday, June 17, Father's Day 2018.

This sad short tale is the reason why every son and father should never let one or two disagreements destroy their love and relationship.

I had a good friend who was a loving doting father of two sons. His eldest son and my oldest were in the same schools and in same gifted classes. I spent a lot of time with my friend throughout the decades and held our friendship closer than most.

My friend had a fast mathematical brain, was largely agnostic in his beliefs, and he raised his boys accordingly. His eldest was accepted with a full scholarship to MIT. Dad beamed and bristled with pride.

The son though throughout his junior and senior years of high school secretly embraced the teachings of the Mormon religion and applied to BYU where he was accepted with an academic scholarship.

Upon hearing the news my friend blew a gasket and pretty much disavowed his son who left for BYU without the support of his dad. Not even a "good bye".

When we talked my friend refused to acknowledge his son and even resorted to disparaging remarks. It was sad. Having three sons of my own I tried to relate with tales of disappointments and misjudgments my sons and I took. He wasn’t having any of it.

A year or so passes when four Placerville girls attending BYU announced they were driving back home for a week long break which happened to include Fathers Day. The eldest son seeking to patch things up, hitched a ride to surprise his dad on Fathers Day.

Outside of Reno the car rolled in a single car accident (no drugs or alcohol, just a freak accident) over and over it went. When first responder's came onto the scene the four girls were fine save a cut or two. My friend’s son was dead.

I cannot describe the remorse, the hurt and words he said months following the celebration of life…. Once when we were in town catching up. His bloodshot eye an a face that aged 10 years he said these words that I don’t forget “Ron, I wish I would’ve called. I wish I could hold him one more time. I wish he would've known how proud I’ve always been.”

To my friends and FB friends reading this….. Call your dad and mom. Or call your sons and daughters.


If there a discourse between find a way to dispense with it even if you gotta suck it up.

Remorse eats you alive and is a preventable.

Happy Fathers Day to all.

Ron Briggs.