Campaign Complaint Filed Against county Auditor Joe Harn

by Placerville Newswire / Mar 06, 2018 / comments

[Cris Alarcon]

A complaint has allegedly been filed against candidate Joe Harn related to campaign monies being spent on non-campaign expenses, in violation of FPPC regulations.  The complaint comes from a known reliable source, but we are awaiting a FIA request to be processed by the FPPC to confirm this report. 

The complaint filed reads as:

"Campaign funds were used to pay for subject's legal fees related to Mitigation Fee Act Litigation.  The election was in 2014, these funds were paid in 2016.  The subject has been sued by several public entities in El Dorado County related to non-payment of Mitigation Fees collected by the County of El Dorado for development agreements.  These efforts culminated in a 'Hold Harmless' agreement being signed with the County of El Dorado that indemnifies the subject in his elected role AND personally, up to and including negligent acts.   This does not appear to meet the test of Section 89514, where expenditures are 'not limited to, an action to enjoin defamation, defense of an action to enjoin defamation, defense of an action brought for a violation of state or local campaign, disclosure, or election laws, and an action arising from an election contest or recount.'"

More to come as story develops...