Campaigning 4.0 (Upper Division)

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 28, 2018 / comments

[Cris Alarcon]


Are you ready to win? Or are you just an "also ran?"  American Politics is largely a Popularity contest. That popularity is in part driven by your campaign message, and in part by getting a popular message delivered to the voters.  

Recently a friend asked me if most political candidates really understand the Digital Revolution? “Not enough,” I replied.

As a political candidate, most of your Time will be used in personal sales of your message, but most of your campaign Money will be spent on paid advertising.  This is because personal appearances have great impact value, but limited reach. In 6 months of hard campaigning you will be lucky if you meet 10,000 people in person.  Even in our small county there are over 100,000 voters and the only way to get your message in front of them is with paid advertising.

Direct mail, billboard signs, print ads, TV, and Radio are all proven ways to reach voters, but this misses the fastest growing marketplace for voter's attention, online.  I will explain why this is a critical fault in a bit, but first I want to cover the high costs of paid advertising. In retail business the economics of advertising is a standard metric, but it might be unfamiliar to many.  Here is a brief example of the "How much was spent" to get "How many new customers" calculation:




Audience size: 100,000 [EDC Voters]

  • Direct Mail - Reach 25,000 [Highly targeted to top 25% of likely voters at $1 per piece] Cost: $25,000 per mailing. ($1.00 per voter)

  • Billboard Signs - Reach 50,000 [500 High traffic locations, at $50 4x8 w/ stakes, labor] Cost: $25,000 per cycle. ($.50 per voter)

  • TV & Radio - Reach 50,000, Cost: average cost of a 30-second TV commercial in Broadcast, Primetime, $62,400 {Statista 2018}. ($1.25 per voter)

  • Online / Digital - Reach 25,000, Average of 4 images displayed to each unique user. Cost: $1,000 [Experts estimate that people now need to see your digital content 15-20 times before you’re lodged in their brains. For your $25,000, you can make sure 600,000 people see your ad 15 times.] ($.04 per voter)




High Intensity Political Campaign Special - 100,000 ads to 25,000 people, running in heavy rotation from April 30 through June 5th.

Reg: $999, Includes coordinated Adwords & Facebook campaigns with custom reporting. [Spec: $579 SPECIAL: Without Facebook and Google rider campaigns - $15 per day (40% off)]

Rider Campaigns: 1 Facebook campaign targeted to eligible zip codes and ages 18+; 1x Google AdWords campaign targeted to local campaign keywords.  These include reports on how targeting criteria was selected, and the results of those targeted campaigns. This campaign is designed to get votes, the "Campaign Results" report is designed to get you up to speed on how to best utilize Digital promotional opportunities in future campaigns.




We are part of the Social Media Revolution.  We are Digital Native voters, many Pols are Digital Immigrants...  If they don't evolve to become relevant to us, they will die (politically).  Digital Natives are an ever growing market, taking the place of the diminishing market of analog natives.  Where do you stand on the Digital Divide? Are you Digitally Native, or are you a Digital Immigrant?


Do you embrace Social Media? Or are you wondering how to best get your message in front of that valuable audience?  Today we have politicians that understand and use Social Media, and also those that are being marginalized with diminishing market share by missing out on the growing "Social Media" market.




When we look at many political candidates today, we see that they are still acting like it was 20-30 years ago, like they are "Socially" blind.




Today 1/3 of us check our FB status first thing... before the bathroom, before our coffee, before we shower...


Most know that Facebook grew faster in size and scope than any other thing in human history! From Zero users, to over 1.2 Billion users, in its first eight years...


FB fundamentally changed:

A] Networking (Biggest content sharing platform in human history)

B] Consumer content (news or infotainment)

C] The way we Entertain ourselves (gamers)




Additionally, Digital Native voters are key target markets to every political campaign: Swing voters; Undecided voters; First-Time voters.




The way elections are managed and run has changed with digital becoming a key growing market.  The easy way to get the Digital vote is to become relevant to the Digital community. We can teach you how this digital advertising world works.


Our Mission is to place your message in front of this Social Media market, to make you Social. We understand Both sides of traditional political campaigns and Social Media Marketing, so we can put them together.


This campaign is designed to have maximum impact on local voters between mail-out ballot time, to voting day in June.  The campaign will reach an audience of over 50,000 El Dorado County potential voters with over 100,000 ads spread over multiple platforms.


$ 999 with coordinated Facebook and Google rider campaigns.

$ 579 without coordinated Facebook and Google rider campaigns.

-- SPECS --


Ad Creative needed:

3 Display ads, 1 text ad.


1x Display, super-premium banner [560x90]

1x Display, standard banner [300 x 150]

1x Display, Tall flyer [300x600]

1x Text, 10 words for Google Search.