Career Technical Education field trip for College Exploration at ARC

by Placerville Newswire / Jan 14, 2018 / comments

[Serena Fuson]

EDUHSD’s WorkAbility Program and the EDHS Blue Latte Club recently joined forces to host a Career Technical Education (CTE) Program field trip. Over 100 students toured the American River College (ARC), discovering career pathways in technical education fields. 

Students toured labs in several different locations on campus and listened to multiple presentations. They met with instructors in Early Childhood Education and Speech Pathology, and had a chance to observe students working on projects in Fashion Design and Interior Arts. They heard about careers in innovation in the Design Hub and Welding and also toured the Automotive Department. 

Students experienced the working kitchens of the Hospitality Department with a walk through, the end product being served in the award winning Oak Cafe’. The campus visit exposed students to career pathways that were new to them. 

Students who attended the field trip had such positive feedback about their experience and many have reported their interest in ARC as a post-secondary option as a direct result of the visit. 

Students and teachers alike were very impressed with the opportunities available at ARC. 

The dedication and passion for their subjects came through in each department’s presentation.

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