The Caring Deputies of the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office Exercising "Total Care"

by Placerville Newswire / Jan 24, 2017 / comments

El Dorado County Sheriff's Office -- Today we were dispatched to a welfare check on 93 year old Dorothy of Camino. Make no mistake this is a very abled bodied 93 year old. However, with wet firewood and the loss of power the cold was becoming a little overwhelming for her. 

That said, she was stranded in her home without heat and the snow made the road unsafe for travel. 

When the deputies arrived they chopped what dry wood they could find and started Dorthy a fire. She insisted the deputies stay for a warm cup of tea while the house warmed up. 

Because the deputies were only able to find enough dry wood for a couple of hours, we called Green Valley Community Church Firewood Ministries. They got right on the job and delivered her a load of dry wood and easy fire starters. Thank you GVCC and especially Scott with the Firewood Ministries, your faith is inspiring! 

Side note: While responding to calls during this wild weather we have seen a lot of citizens helping one another, fallen trees and shoveling snow etc. Many go unnoticed. We have a great community El Dorado, keep up the good work.

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