CCW Pistol Drawing To Help Elect Dellinger hosted by Taxpayer Watchdog Committee

by Placerville Newswire / Jan 02, 2018 / comments

[Bob Conover, PRpond]

     El Dorado, CA – Taxpayer Watchdogs For Dan Dellinger Recorder-Clerk will be holding an opportunity drawing for a chance to win a highly popular Smith & Wesson Shield 9MM concealed carry (CCW) pistol during the committee’s upcoming spring fundraising event.  Donation is $15per ticket with a strict limit of 250 tickets available and proceeds going to help pay for signs and voter education material to help elect Dellinger.  

Participants need not be present at Dellinger’s opportunity drawing to win the CCW pistol. Interested participants may view the drawing pistol at Bighorn Gun Shop on 6271 Pleasant Valley Road in El Dorado.  Second Amendment supporters interested in helping Dellinger improve County government and eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse, are encouraged to participate in the opportunity drawing and support Dellinger’s election.  For further information contact Bob Conover @  or (530) 409-8828.

      “Dan Dellinger has a long history of working to make our County more CCW friendly,” said Bob Conover, Treasurer for the organizing committee, “including helping organize an NRA Members Council in our County”.  

      “Few folks know that Dan Dellinger helped ignite the 'shall issue' movement to take politics out of issuing CCWs in California back in 1995,” explained Eileen Atherton a competitive small-bore silhouette shooter, “when he helped draft and staff SB 638, the Montieth-Knight Citizen’s Self-protection Act for Senator Dick Montieth and Assemblyman Pete Knight”.

        “Dan Dellinger is a huge advocate for women getting self-defense training and earning a concealed carry (CCW) license,” added Eileen Atherton, “and encouraged many of us to get politically active in defense of our Second Amendment Rights”.

      Dan Dellinger is a government relations and political consultant who grew up on a small family ranch in Lotus where he was active in cub scouts, 4-H, and served as a volunteer firefighter for the Coloma-Lotus Volunteer Fire Department.  Dellinger graduated from Gold Trail Elementary School, Ponderosa High School, American River College (UBR), and earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California - Davis in Agricultural Economics and Business Management. 

     The election will be held on Tuesday, June 5, 2018.