Check out these 8 novels from Tahoe-Truckee authors

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 08, 2016 / comments

[by Gloria Sinibaldi]   What better way to relax on a lazy spring or summer afternoon on the docks at Donner Lake, the beach at Lake Tahoe — or really, anywhere outdoors in the sunshine-drenched splendor that is the Sierra Nevada — than to read a good book?

Lake Tahoe authors have produced fiction, facts and fantasy for your reading pleasure — here are eight of our favorites to explore. So, pour a cold drink, slather on the sunscreen and dive in!


By Bruce Simonian

The opening scenes of this gripping crime novel quickly kick the plot into play. Wade Crawford, a Reno detective, has his hands full solving more than a few murderous events. It is a fast-moving story and perhaps a bit shocking in spots. It’s Incline Village resident Bruce Simonian’s second novel in as many years, and he nicely showcases his talent and versatility in this suspense-filled thriller.


By Todd Borg

Lake Tahoe author and literary icon Todd Borg delivers a nail-biting storyline in “Tahoe Ghost Boat.” It is the 12th book of the Owen McKenna Mystery Series, and it does not disappoint. The tale begins with a boating accident that is shrouded under a cloud of strange circumstances. Gertie, a lonely teenager, is suddenly kidnapped, and Detective Owen McKenna is determined to rescue her from harm.


By Ann Gelder

Bigfoot and The Baby, published by Tahoe’s Bona Fide Books, is quirky and profoundly unique. It introduces societal enigmas that produce multiple laugh-out-loud moments within a dark comedic framework. The tale focuses on the Majeskys, a dysfunctional family searching for life’s meaning while living in a remote California town.


By Michael Tassone

Incline Village author Michael Tassone tells a wild tale about a trip to Mexico involving two college grads that seek enlightenment at the bottom of a bottle of beer. This psychedelic travelogue involves more than a few illicit “trips.” There’s fun, fighting and fear along the way, but at the end of the day, there is peace. Clark and Rudy ultimately learn more about themselves than they bargained for.


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