Christopher Moore, Pamela Bartlett, Ronald Thomas Honored as school "Administrators of the Year

by Placerville Newswire / Mar 28, 2017 / comments

[Serena Fuson, PIO El Dorado Union High School District] Pictured from left to right: Ronald Thomas, Pamela Bartlett, Superintendent Stephen Wehr, Christopher Moore​.

The El Dorado Union High School District (EDUHSD) is proud to have three administrators honored at this year’s regional Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Administrator of the Year Awards Ceremony. Christopher Moore (Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services), Pamela Bartlett (Director of Special Education and Section 504), and Ronald Thomas (Assistant Principal, Oak Ridge High School) were all presented with awards at the March 10th Gala event in Lincoln, CA.

Christopher Moore was recognized as the ACSA Career Technical Education Administrator of the Year through his work as Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services at the EDUHSD in Placerville, CA. Focusing on a belief system that all students will graduate from high school college and career ready, Moore has facilitated and implemented a vision of student success that ensures that each student is actively supported in the pursuit of their post-secondary plans. Through his actions, people have come to believe that we have a collective responsibility to purposely impact students’ lives through the work that we do each day. Through his leadership, EDUHSD has successfully implemented the new state English and Mathematics standards as demonstrated through our most recent California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress results. Additionally, Moore’s efforts have brought significant growth in our Career Technical Education (CTE) footprint. EDUHSD has developed and is currently implementing fifty-one (51) CTE courses that span fourteen (14) industry sectors. To ensure a successful CTE pathway experience for students, Moore has invited all LEAs in the County, including our community college system, to come to the table and collectively design rigorous academic and career pathways which are linked to labor market needs and trends. His work to create effective sustainable CTE pathways for our students stands as a model for others.

Jeff Hassian, a current teacher at Oak Ridge High School, stated “Chris Moore is a forward thinking individual that has had the vision to change CTE curriculum with the dynamic technological times that our society, culture, and educational systems require. He is supportive in his leadership style and allows teachers to teach and students to learn while continue to give staff members their autonomy. He is a true education innovator that guides the direction of our district. The CTE programs of our district prepare students for college or prepare students who desire a career with hands on approach with the vocational skills needed to be competitive in today’s markets.”

Pamela Bartlett, Director of Special Education and Section 504, was recognized as the Silver Star ACSA Special Education Administrator of the Year. As an educational leader who has earned the respect and trust of our district’s educational community, she is a tireless advocate for students, especially for those who face major emotional and social challenges and for whom school does not come easily. Although Bartlett is no longer positioned at a school site, she continues to build significant relationships with teachers, staff, students and parents in our school community.

EDUHSD Superintendent Stephen Wehr said “Pam is empathetic and compassionate, yet skilled and comfortable with asking difficult questions and having hard conversations. Her dedication to building the capacity of teachers, paraprofessionals, counselors, and site administrators has allowed our district to better serve our most vulnerable students.”

Ronald Thomas, Assistant Principal at Oak Ridge High School, was recognized as the ACSA Secondary Co-Administrator of the Year. Thomas is an inspirational and creative leader who motivates teachers, staff, and students to reach new heights. He is committed to ensuring that all members of the learning community receive the best we have to offer and is also committed to ensuring that we focus attention and resources on underserved and disenfranchised students. One of his most unique talents is not only to impact the minds, but also the hearts of those with whom he works. Thomas’s influence and connection is so powerful that people seek to remain connected to him long after they leave our schools.

Aaron Palm, Principal at Oak Ridge High School, stated “Ron Thomas is a dynamic administrator who is a leader of innovation. Mr. Thomas has the uncanny ability to ascertain needs of a school and then to fill those needs with meaningful programs.”