Cinder the Bear found dead in Washington

[South Tahoe Now. Photo of Cinder shortly after arrival in South Lake Tahoe. Photo courtesy of Lake Tahoe WIldlife Care, Inc.]

When Cinder the Bear arrived in South Lake Tahoe on August 4, 2014 the prognosis wasn't a good one. The 18-month old black bear had been severely burned in the Carlton Complex Fire in Washington and weighed in at just 39 pounds, about half of what a cub her age should be.

The story of her determination and recovery won the hearts of many around the globe and now she is dead.

Back in 2014 Cinder had crawled to a home on her knees and elbows two weeks after fire had swept through the area. Her paws were burned too badly to use them to walk on. Cinder was flown to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care where Dr. Kevin Willetts tended to her, bandaged her wounds and put her in the hands of the popular South Shore rehabilitation center.

Cinder gained international attention ...

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