City of Placerville Construction Replacement Project with Possible Road Closures along Pardi Way, Big Cut Rd, and Sacramento Street

by Placerville Newswire / Sep 24, 2016 / comments

Preconstruction weekly update to the community regarding the Pardi Way/Big Cut Rd./Sacramento Street Waterline Replacement Project.  Some construction activities may begin next week on Wednesday, September 28th, and once construction officially kicks off, we will begin sending via email to interested parties and posting on the City of Placerville’s website weekly construction updates in an effort to keep the community informed as to the status of this project.  Each update will involve a summary of work completed the prior week, work being performed the current week, work anticipated the following week, and any important information that may impact the community.  Thanks in  advance for everyone’s understanding and patience through this process. 

Project Overview:
- Water system improvements to: 
> Pardi Way between Big Cut Road and Old Water Treatment Plant 
> Big Cut Road between Benham Court and Phillip Court 
> Chamberlain Street between Sacramento Street and Degolia Street
> Gilmore Street between Sacramento Street and Phillip Court 
> Sacramento Street between Chamberlain Street and 3211 Sacramento Street 

- These improvements include: 
> Abandonment of old water mains and installation of new water mains 
> Abandonment of old water service lines and installation of new water service lines 
> Relocation of existing water meters to safer, more accessible locations 

Current Week
> The contractor and City are continuing their planning efforts including performing field walks and site investigations, exercising water valves, and marking out existing utilities. 
> Construction staking should be completed by the end of the week. 

Following Week:
> Additional project planning may begin including contractor potholing activities. 

Important Information:
 >Portions of this project will be constructed during the day (7 am – 4 pm) and at night (7 pm – 5 am).  Please be aware that there will be road closures and detours during working hours.  Residents in the project area may experience delays due to construction but access to your property will be maintained at all times.  Thank you for your understanding.  The contractor will notify you, most likely using door hangers, in advance of any water service interruptions. 

Jim Fisher, Resident Engineer    R.E.Y. Engineers   (916) 612‐7581 
Ryan Ruddick, Inspector    R.E.Y. Engineers   (707) 391‐7013 
Rebecca Neves, City Engineer    City of Placerville  (530) 642‐5250