City of Placerville Planning Commissioner Replacement Wanted

by Placerville Newswire / Jul 18, 2017 / comments


The City Council is looking to fill one unexpired term ending March 1, 2019. 

The Planning Commission consists of five commissioners appointed by the Placerville City Council. The Commission, working with the Director of Development Services, Staff and other City government officials, helps to guide and monitor the City's long-term planning and development. In this capacity, the Planning Commission reviews proposals relating to City design, land use, subdivisions, signage and environmental impact The Planning Commission also makes recommendations to the City Council regarding amendments to the General Plan, rezoning requests, and other planning matters. 

The appointee shall either be:
1) a City resident;
or 2) a property owner within the City limits and who lives within the Community Region;
or 3) a primary business owner within the City limits who lives within the Community Region. as shown on Exhibit A attached to Ordinance 1555, available for inspection in the office of the City Clerk.