City of South Lake Tahoe Takes Over Independence Day Parade Amid Accusation of Retaliation

by Placerville Newswire / Mar 03, 2016 / comments

Discussion of a new parade policy turned sour Tuesday, March 1, at a regularly scheduled city council meeting. At the crux of the matter is whether city councilwoman JoAnn Conner will continue Golden Bear Events’ annual Fourth of July parade, which is a fundraiser for American Legion Post 795 in South Lake Tahoe. She has put on the parade since 2012 as a private endeavor.

Conner is currently involved in litigation with the City of South Lake Tahoe regarding her public censure over alleged inappropriate behavior last October.

“I believe this is more retaliation,” she said, regarding a city move to take over the parade.

Council adopted new policy Tuesday, meant to regulate local parades other than city-sponsored events, 4-1, with Conner dissenting...

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