City of South Lake Tahoe warns of storm related traffic issues this Christmas weekend

by Placerville Newswire / Dec 23, 2016 / comments

National Weather Forecast indicates substantial snowfall for the holiday, which great for snow play, but not for travel. City advises travelers to South Lake Tahoe to come up before Friday morning.

When in town: 

•    Stay off the roads as much as possible during the snow storm Friday afternoon through Saturday.


•    Snow Removal priorities for City Snow Plow Crews are Arterials and Collector (side streets), Caltrans and NDOT will have high priority for Highway 50 and summit passes.  City plows first for EMS services and neighborhood access for public safety crews, other residential streets are second priority.


•    City's Code Prohibits parking on City streets during snow removal - any cars parked on city streets inhibiting snow plow operations are subject to a Citation. Parked vehicles within the roadway severely hamper productivity of the snow plows.


•    City snow plows have 'gates' that are utilized when appropriate - these are done to minimize driveway berms - but they do NOT prevent berms. The heavier the storm, expect heavier and bigger berms. Snow plow operations use the gates when feasible.


•    Snow plow operations occur in phases. The first phase is initially plowed for safe and limited passage. Depending on storm totals, the initial plow is likely only a single lane width, so use caution when traveling. Widening of the travel ways will occur after all primary operations are complete.


•    There are 259 lane miles of roadways to plow. The City Snow Plow Crews strive for a 24 hour completion of initial plowing, which is about 11 miles of roadway per hour.


•    Widening of roadways, clearing public bike trails and sidewalks, and clearing of parks, parking lots and other public access points are secondary operations and will occur after all primary (travel way) routes are completed.


•    The City utilizes eight motor graders (one in each zone), two sander/plow trucks, and several loaders in its operations. Use caution when driving near, behind, or within the area of snow removal equipment, stay alert for stops and reversing patterns.


•    Airport landings and takeoffs may be suspended during snow removal operations. Landings/Takeoffs will resume once all areas have been deemed safe.

•    City crews work around the clock during snow removal operations in 12 hr. operational shifts.


•    During Snow Removal Operations most other City Maintenance and Operations responsibilities are suspended until snow removal is complete.


•    City Code requires property owners to clear all sidewalks within 24 hours of the storm ending.


•    Be Safe! Reduce travel during the storm event.Keep cars off the road for snow plows.


•    If driving, drive slow, safe and careful. Obey all Caltrans and NDOT road condition signs. Carry and use chains when necessary.


Sunday weather looks to be one of Tahoe's beautiful winter sunny days with fresh powder on the mountain. 
~Happy Holidays