Coloma-Lotus Survey Results

by Placerville Newswire / Jul 31, 2019 / comments


Coloma-Lotus Survey Results from:
 61 Total Responses
 26 Responders attended 3/18/19 meeting
 50 Emails collected at meeting
 35 Responders did not attend 3/18/19 meeting

Q7 - Ranking of topics from discussion at 3-18-19 meeting
Ranking – Closure of Station 74 and continued assessment 13
Ranking – Internet Access 14
Ranking – Implementing RMP 15
Ranking – Highway 49 Designation as Scenic Highway 16
Ranking – Designation of South Fork American River as Wild and Scenic 17
Ranking – Fire protection for entire community, not just houses 18
Ranking – Extension of trail from Coloma-Lotus to Greenwood 19
Ranking – Fire evacuation of river camps and school visitors 20
Ranking – Follow the money, priority of implementation projects, use of River Trust Funds, SMUD settlement, applying for grants, return of TOT 21
Ranking – Emergency egress for Bassi Road 22
Ranking – Emergency egress for Mt. Murphy Road 23
Ranking – Bringing back the American River Music Festival 24

Ranking – Write-in topics – Page 1
 - Vehicle speed control between Lotus Rd. and stop sign at Coloma Club Reopen/Staff CL Firehouse.

 - What will replace RMAC? How will handle high water seasons on the river without the diverse experience that the RMAC brought together? How will the user groups coordinate without the RMAC? If not Wild and Scenic a permenant block to any alteration of the natural riverbed MUST be implemented.  25

 - Act beyond fire safe emergencies, to develop a well-prepared and resilient community vs floods, economic issues

 - That return of TOT meant returning it to the CL community since it pays in. I don’t see getting the camps to pay TOT on the list.

 - Community Arts planning, Mobility Plan implementation, implementation of the General Plan in the area of jurisdiction, whitewater park

 - Sheriff patrol for break ins and traffic during boating season

 - Review and adjust ALL SUP's for River Camps 26

 - Mobility planning, community place making, Mnt Murphy Bridge,

 - Retaining wall artwork, Lotus Fire Station access, standardized signage, Hwy 49 speed limits, recreational facilities, economic impact analysis, overflow parking for HLP, Tier 1 and 2 HLP priorities, etc.

 - Some of the things I didn't understand I made somewhat important. 

 - Ease of access to county proposed actions. 

 - Promote better public understanding of legistar or provide some other easy to use information source

 - Biking/walking trails/outdoor recreation/tourist dollars 

 - The artwork need to be voted on for the bridge, most people feel misled but what we were told we were donating to (bridgefest)

 - Implementation of the HLP Master Plan (buy Fire House property and in holding), build some in stream river play features at HLP, Historical

 - Building Design Overlay, Under grounding Utilities, Limiting light

 - Pollution, Ridge line Building Ordinance, Planning and building of

 - Chili Bar Park and Cronan Ranch, Creation of a Service District for

 - Parks with permanant funding contributions from SMUD-TOT and

 - Tribe Funds, Consider adding Station 72, 74 and Gold Hill to Garden

 - Valley Fire Protection District, Add two members at Large to the Parks Commission.