Commentary by Corrina Ballard - "My RIGHTS as a WOMAN were violated today and I am furious"

by Placerville Newswire / May 06, 2016 / comments

I can't believe this happened to me! I absolutely DO NOT condone a man being in a women's bathroom and it happened to me today! 

While using the WOMEN'S restroom,  a man dressed as a very ugly woman went in to the stall next to mine, and, standing about 6'6" in his high heels, looked over the stall at me, sitting on the toilet! From the sound of things, he was urinating standing up. I ran out of the bathroom, yelling for Scott that there was a man in the bathroom with me!?? Here comes the man walking out behind me, Scott chased him down and confronts him and the guy threatens to call the police! 

Well, too late.... 

The commotion had gotten the attention of security already and within seconds we had the police taking a report. 

Here's the kicker... This happened at Mather VA!!!! I was so mad and feeling humiliated and violated and sick to my stomach!!!!???? We were told that the VA condones this because this MAN identifies as a woman! Are you fucking serious???? 

I don't care if HE identifies as a pink flamingo, I will not tolerate a man being in a bathroom designated for me and my daughter, natural born FEMALES!!!!!! Where and when is this BS going to end???? Scott could have, and wanted to, beat his ass... But then he would be sitting in jail for a hate crime. 

Where did my rights go?????? How does a man with a penis have more rights to use the women's bathroom than I do? 

Yes, I filed a police report and plan to take this as far as I have to, to STOP this CRAP!!!! Like I said, I feel violated and humiliated!?????? Who can help me make this stop????? 

Corrina Ballard