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"Oh no!" writes Terri Scrivens Kline on Facebook.

"El Dorado County Staff have just unveiled a proposal which will destroy the historic Placerville & Sacramento Valley Railroad, built during the Civil War!

"This plan will be presented at the El Dorado County Parks and Recreation Commission meeting in TWO DAYS!

"To save the railroad that our 501(c)3 non-profit has been fighting to preserve and develop since 2008, it is VITAL that EVERYONE possible attend this meeting Thursday, March 17th, at 3:00pm!

"Supervisor's Chambers, 330 Fair Lane, Placerville, CA

"To find out more, visit: OR CALL 916-708-7368


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Sheri Jo Dunn What can we do if we can't be at the meeting?

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Placerville & Sacramento Valley Railroad You can write letters to the board of directors. Also send emails to the park and Rec board for tomorrow's meeting. Go to get the address.


Placerville & Sacramento…


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Joe Romani is the same thing happening for the Folsom, El Dorado & Sacramento?

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Placerville & Sacramento Valley Railroad Joe, P&SVRR is the operations affiliate for the Folsom, El Dorado and Sacramento Historical Railroad Association. The association owns the equipment, and P&SVRR manages the Excursion Train Operations.

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Diane Scelsi These railways may actually be needed someday, what with the population explosion. Or, even as a cash cow for the towns in El Dorado County, as a wine train.#wakeupPlacerville

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Garth Mitchell I am a cyclist. I love biking and think it is a viable mode of transportation within some very narrow parameters. You can't be too old, weather is a factor, danger is a factor, distance is a factor as well. While well meaning, investing too much in...See More

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Nicholas Martinez What the hell is it with County's and wanting to do away with Railways! We have the same problem in Fillmore with the Fillmore & Western Railway! This is history people!!

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Kari Morgan Guthrie If they knew how to properly ride a bike, they could ride on the railroad. So tired of bicyclists always trying to ruin things.

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Lynne M Hunter Bike trail is actually beneficial where the rail is historical and memorable but it's time is over. We must be realistic.

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Chris Veloria I like bikes and trains... is there a way we can have both?

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Jason Konen Traffic Congestion
Biking and walking infrastructure is a solution to local traffic congestion. Pilot studies have proven that people will chose biking and walking over driving for daily trips if the infrastructure is in place. In Minneapolis, Minn., for example, 28 percent of all trips don't rely on a car. The proof: Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program: 2014 Report.

Building more highways and roads has failed to stem the rise in congestion. Between 1982 and 2011, the number of hours of vehicle delay in urban areas rose 360 percent, even as the number of highway and road miles increased by 61 percent. The proof: Texas A & M’s Annual Urban Mobility Report.

Economic Development
Trails boost the desirability and value of the homes and neighborhoods they connect to. Did you know…? Prospective homebuyers in Ohio were willing to pay an additional $9,000 to be located 1,000 feet closer to a trail. The proof: 2012 study by University of Cincinnati School of Planning.

Trails and pathways have been proven to increase activity in downtown business areas, by making it easier for people to get to stores without having to worry about parking and traffic. Did you know…? The business occupancy rate in downtown Dunedin, Fla., increased from 30 percent to 95 percent following the establishment of the nearby Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail. The proof: RTC’s handy fact sheet on Investing in Trails.

Transportation Patterns
Americans are already beginning to shift away from cars for daily transportation in favor of biking, walking and transit systems. Our community needs to respond in order to attract new residents and businesses. Did you know…? The current generation of young Americans is the first in our history to be less likely to get a driver’s license than their parents. The proof: Transportation and the New Generation, 2012.

Biking and walking is not just “an urban trend.” Did you know…? The share of work trips made by bicycle in small towns is nearly double that of urban centers. The proof: RTC’s 2012 report, Beyond Urban Centers.

Crime and Safety
Although trail opponents often express fears that a trail will increase crime and cause safety issues, the actual documented impact of trails is that they reduce criminal activity, increase regular monitoring and improve the public safety of previously disused spaces. The proof: RTC’s study on Crime and Perceptions of Safety on Urban Trails.

“I want to walk or bike to get where I'm going, but I don't feel safe sharing the road.” Did you know…? Trails and separated pathways not only encourage more biking and walking, they reduce accident rates. The proof: Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program: 2014 Report.

Obesity is the most pressing public health crisis of our age, particularly among children. Making walking and biking a regular part of daily activities by providing convenient pathways is one of the most cost-effective ways to combat physical inactivity. Did you know…? Obesity costs America more than $190 billion in reactive healthcare spending each year. Investing in trails helps communities cut their obesity rates.

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CJ Vandergriff Also trails increase the chance of crime including rape, assaults and robberies. So yeah, lets build a trail. Besides I would rather save my 9k and spen it on something better, would rather live next to or very near an active rail line be it a main line for a class 1 railroad or a tourist railroad.

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Jason Konen Although trail opponents often express fears that a trail will increase crime and cause safety issues, the actual documented impact of trails is that they reduce criminal activity, increase regular monitoring and improve the public safety of previously disused spaces. The proof: RTC’s study on Crime and Perceptions of Safety on Urban Trails.

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Jason Konen

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Shelley Collins-Wiley I hope you realize that this trail will wind through very remote rural areas. We are not talking about a trail through an urban or even a suburban area.

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Randy Carpadus They always leave out the failed rails to trails conversions outside of the metro area.

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Jason Konen I know exactly where the trail will be and I think it will make for a beautiful trail. And if you think that crime is going to go up because of a trail......that is ridiculous. Show me a report that shows crime has gone up in placerville directly connected to the trail we have now.

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Sheri Jo Dunn We love walking along the tracks

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John W Stokes Put a bike trail along side the tracks. Have both.

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Joel Bingham bike trails cost money and make zero money...... trains make money on tracks .....rails to trails was outlawed

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Trey Barner Why not build the path/trail beside the tracks and install a fence?

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Nathan T Smith No more of theses Stupid Trails!!

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