Commentary: Thank you to Law Enforcement, on the front lines of the Drug War

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 23, 2018 / comments

[Misty Ann Tienken. Image via EDSO from monday drug bust on Schnell School road.]

When I was first introduced to “Ice” was when I moved to Hawaii. When I came home to Camino, I was shocked that here on the mainland it was called Meth.

I have intimate knowledge of this drug, since I had a family member that was on it for nearly 20 years. I always wondered why this family member always got angry at a drop of a hat and was so irrational regarding rational conversations. After losing her kids and being in and out of jail and rehab, I saw a loving person turn into someone I didn’t recognize. When she slammed her utility truck into my brand new car in 2013, I filed criminal charges against her. She was facing possible prison time, before she took her life and passed away.

Drugs have destroyed every aspect of my immediate family. My parents, my Uncle, my Aunt, and my sister. I myself was born a coke baby, to this day I’m shocked that I’m somewhat normal. I grew up in the drug world, I know it’s devastating effects personally. So when people argue that drugs should be legal, I admittedly disagree. I take my disdain of drugs seriously and refuse to accept and take Morphine at the hospital.

So, when I see articles like this [Over 10 pounds of Methamphetamine found during DUI stop in Placerville], I congratulate law enforcement for being the front line soldiers in this never ending war. We need to help them and let them know what’s going on in our town and neighborhoods. We need to fight against the policymakers that try to implement policies to deter their efforts. 

It’s our job and responsibility! We control the outcome of this war. We are the ones that need to stand up and say enough, not in our town! We need to protect those that are affected by the users and dealers. They are the unheard voices of this war, and they need to be protected.

Misty Ann Tienken, Camino.