Confirmed Cases of Covid Climb but No Deaths of County Locals

by Placerville Newswire / Apr 09, 2020 / comments

[Cris Alarcon]

On the 8th an addition case was confirmed in a Greater Placerville resident and on the 9th another new case was confirmed in an El Dorado Hills resident bring the title cases confirmed to 30.

No deaths reported to county residents.

South Lake Tahoe has no new cases confirmed since a "No Travel" measure was put in place restricting travel to SLT.

On the West End of the County the confirmed cases continue to climb reaching the highest number of confirmed cases of any region in the county.

As the ages of the newly reported cases are below the previous mean of 51 years of age of the confirmed cases, the average age is reduced to 49 years of age.

As of April 9, 2020 at 4:21 p.m. the total confirmed cases are:

El Dorado Hills = 11

South Lake Tahoe = 9

Greater Placerville = 5

Cameron Park area = 3

North County [Divide] = 2

Half of the 30 cases are in the age group of 18-49 years of age. 4 of the cases are at least 64 years old.

16 of the 30 cases are Male.

Of the 1,070 confirmed test results, 2.8% have positive for COVID-19.