Conniving Escapee Arrested and EDSO says You Can't Make this Up!

by Placerville Newswire / Jan 04, 2017 / comments

An escaped convict turns himself into the Sheriff to complete his sentence, but the EDSO is not new at the job and the story did not seem right. In the arrest process the man was searched and drugs were found, many drugs, asked about the drugs, the convict said he needed to make a living while in custody and intended to sell the drugs to the other inmates!

The EDSO deputies reportedly found multiple baggies of methamphetamine and marijuana on him at the time he turned himself into the jail.

Chance Podrasky wrote, "Looks like there's only one place those items could fit.. LOL. Amazing what people do to get drugs .. it's really sad. Good job EDSO!"

El Dorado County Sheriff's Office added, "I am sure he is regretting the decision now."  

Safe bet that is correct.