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A series of films and dialog focused on trauma, its potential impact, building resilience, and working together toward the creation of hope filled, humanized environments and relationships that help people thrive.  Would you like to learn more about the impact of toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences? The answer to healing the impact of toxic stress is resilience, or having the ability to bounce back. 

What are things that build resilience? To learn more, join us for two movie nights with discussion. There is no charge. 

Adult content, themes, & language. 17 & under not admitted without adult guardian.
El Dorado High School - (forum room next to library behind admin office)
561 Canal St, Placerville

Jan 11- Crazywise
Feb 15- Resilience
Mar 15- Paper Tigers
May 17- Resilience

No cost admission. Complimentary popcorn & water.

View trailers:


Researchers have recently discovered a dangerous biological syndrome caused by abuse and neglect during childhood. Join us to watch the documentary Resilience, followed by a discussion afterwards. This film reveals how toxic stress can trigger hormones that wreak havoc on the brains and bodies of children, putting them at a greater risk for disease, homelessness, prison time, and early death. While the broader impacts of poverty worsen the risk, no segment of society is immune. Resilience, however, also chronicles the dawn of a movement that is determined to fight back. Trailblazers in pediatrics, education, and social welfare are using cutting-edge science and field-tested therapies to protect children from the insidious effects of toxic stress—and the dark legacy of a childhood that no child would choose.

Paper Tigers
Set within and around the campus of Lincoln Alternative High School in the rural community of Walla Walla, Washington, Paper Tigers asks the following questions: What does it mean to be a trauma-informed school? And how do you educate teens whose childhood experiences have left them with a brain and body ill-suited to learn?

In search of clear and honest answers, Paper Tigers hinges on a remarkable collaboration between subject and filmmaker. Armed with their own cameras and their own voices, the teens of Paper Tigers offer raw but valuable insight into the hearts and minds of teens pushing back against the specter of a hard childhood.

Against the harsh reality of truancy, poor grades, emotional pain, and physical violence, answers begin to emerge. The answers do not come easily. Nor can one simply deduce a one-size-fits-all solution to a trauma-informed education. But there is no denying something both subtle and powerful at work between teacher and student alike: the quiet persistence of love.

For more information on our county's efforts to collaboratively deal with debilitating trauma-induced behaviors that are no longer productive, see this Facebook Page:

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PLEASE READ BEFORE JOINING! Invite by sending link, but please don't add a member. By joining Resiliency Now you understand & agree to our Policy of Honor & Practice, & support the Values, Mission & Vision shared below. The community sector work group meets monthly. A larger collaborative meets quarterly. Email with questions. Resiliency Now is part of a county-wide movement called El Dorado County ACEs Collaborative (the group that meets quarterly)- The mission of El Dorado County ACES Collaborative is to prevent & heal adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) by promoting ideas, policies & practices that increase awareness, compassion & resilience in EDC. Our vision is everyone thrives in a safe, supportive, & nurturing environment. VALUES • Collaboration: We work together appreciating collaboration pools wisdom. • Equity: We strive to treat every person with fairness, dignity & respect. • Wellness: We embrace an expansive & holistic definition of wellness encompasses physical, mental, emotional, social & spiritual well-being. PLEASE READ OUR POLICY OF HONOR & PRACTICE (on file) PRIOR TO JOINING GROUP. Thank you for your interest in this movement!

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