Could northern California flooding cause a new gold rush?


El Dorado County, Calif. – Intense winter weather in northern California has a lot of prospectors excited for what could be a new gold rush.

Sacramento NBC affiliate KCRA reports optimism is high for a 2017 gold rush due to winter rain and subsequent flooding combined with eventual melt-off from the Sierra Mountains.

Northern California rivers are already at high capacity, and the fast flowing waters push up sediment and dislodge rock, which typically dislodges hidden minerals.

“Once the snow pack melts and goes down river, you’ll see the river levels drop,” geologist and gold mining expert Rich Dvorcek said. “We’ll be able to get at the gold that’s in a deeper part of the riverbed.”

Dvorcek, who has been gold prospecting for decades, told KCRA 2017 may be the biggest year for gold since 1997.

Retailers selling gold panning and mining equipment are already...